Monday, November 24, 2008

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I suspect I have a secret voyeur

Whenever I step into my Jacuzzi I can sense that someone is ogling me. I can feel strange eyes probing me. I must say that it turns me on. It makes me do things I've never thought I would do. Maybe he has a web cam, maybe he uses a telescope, I don't know and frankly I don't care. I just want him to keep on looking at me. Ever since I became aware of my Peeping Tom I take my clothes off in front of the window. I easily shed my silky thong, my bra and my girdles. Every day I do something different. Today I stayed with my high heels only and rubbed my body against the windowpane. I indulged the glass's touch against my hard nipples and swollen clit. When I couldn't bare it anymore, I opened the window and entered my bath tub. I wanted him to hear my moans as I was rubbing my big boobs and throbbing vagina. I was sitting in the bath with my face towards the window and noticed a movement at my new neighbor's window. I saw the curtain moving. I stared at this white curtain and noted there was someone behind it. I could sense it was a man. I started groping my hard nipples. I circled my tits with my fingernails and began to shiver, despite of the burning hot water. I bit my lips and started to pant. Then I opened my eyes and saw him. He pushed the curtain aside and there he was: a dark man with a huge cock in his hands, asking me with his eyes to proceed. I couldn't stop. I rose up. My body was covered with soap and froth and I kept on squirming as I stroked my vagina and clit. "Fuck me", I called to him. I could see he was rubbing his cock as I said that. I was penetrating my pussy with my finger as he kept on stroking his penis and impaled me with his dark foreigner eyes. "I'm cumming", I panted. He burst with his liquid man candy, in return.

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